Rural Medical Education Australia

Better Study, Better Outcomes

Rural Medical Education Australia approached our team to develop heightened awareness of their long-standing brand in the south east Queensland market. The aim was to attract new potential students, employers and referring parties for their fairly infant RTO side to their business.


Prior to develop of the promotional campaigns budget, deliverables and media – we conducted a brand strategy session with the client to ensure the positioning of the awareness campaign would be successful within the intended target market with accurate placement and messaging.


Upon confirming the strategic direction of the campaign, a complete budget and element breakdown was finalised – with a strong digital concentration. Media and content were filmed and design for launch – including multiple locations, students, and employers across the south-east Queensland region.


Our aim was to localise the brand and solidify the rural element of the business operations, as well as strengthening the awareness and promotion of the registered training organisation aspect of the business. In doing so, RSM leveraged previous students, employer and key differences in their localised service model and increased the brands social media and website traffic and analytics.