To Travel or not to Travel?

May 16, 2018

When is the best time to travel throughout your life?  The debate is very real, and it is often a topic that seems to arise at the dinner table.  Do you go when you finish school in your early twenties or wait for the children to fly the coop and travel later in life?  Or perhaps you truly believe that travel is the “window to the soul” and you are consistently yearning to experience new cultures.

Whatever direction you choose there are pro’s and con’s. 

Take travelling in your late teens/early twenties as an example.  It is likely that you won’t have the responsibility of a mortgage, job, children so you are set to enjoy a carefree travel experience that’s a whole lot of fun.  However, you probably have limited money unless you can work while you are travelling. Also, keep in mind that at a young age you might be less “cultured” (for lack of a better word) and choose non-stop partying rather than experiencing some of the countries traditions.

Travel in your thirties/forties; probably the trickiest time to travel (in my case anyway).  You are most likely juggling children, mortgage, careers, businesses and the list goes on.  However, it is achievable!  A lot of my friends travel with their children and while it takes some extra planning it is a very rewarding experience for the whole family (I’m sure there are times that it’s a nightmare!).  Plus, you’re fit and able and starting to truly understand what you want to achieve by travelling. 

Travelling in your retirement – pop the champagne!  No more children to worry about, financially secure, reduced job responsibilities.  It sounds too good to be true! The kids might not like you spending their inheritance but if you are in good health it sounds like a fabulous time to travel (I will have to keep you posted).

In my honest opinion though if travel suits your lifestyle do it now!  Create memories with your friends and families, experience new cultures and move outside your comfort zone.  Remember always take the scenic route! 

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