Meta Business Partner – What it means to your business

February 1, 2022

Formally known at Facebook, Meta continues its growth across a number of social media platforms.

Although it’s growth continues, it’s objective remains the same – to drive connectivity and engagement with it’s users. The longer you spend on these platforms as an individual, the greater their value to spending users – it’s advertisers.

This is where a Meta Business Partner can help your business.

What is a Meta Business Partner?

Meta Business Partners are agencies and companies like ours – Round Square Marketing who have the breadth of experience to help you and your brand to grow on relevant Meta platforms. The goal being to grow your business online.

To earn this badge, Meta evaluates your agency across a combination of criteria such as the number of Business Pages an agency manages, any qualified placements of advertising in the past, as well as long standing compliance with Meta’s Ads Policy.

How does Round Square use Meta?

As a Meta Business Partner, our agency is skilled in managing both paid and unpaid campaigns on behalf of other brands and businesses utilising Meta’s tools, resources, training and support – ensuring our clients results are at the forefront of the digital marketing space.

Because as we all know, it is a rapidly evolving landscape!

How can your business use Meta to grow your business?

Whether you want to increase your online presence, social proof, brand awareness, or projects – Meta Business Partner’s can accurately help your business achieve these goals.

Usage rates across these platforms have grown continuously since inception. It’s difficult to come across an individual who doesn’t utilise one of the Meta platforms in some capacity!

Each of these users are targetable for your business.

Across these platforms your business can advertise, sell, and engage.

Create an online impression that lasts and get ahead of your competition – contact our Social Media Marketing Strategists at Round Square Marketing today!

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