Instagram tests removing the option to share feed posts within stories.

February 4, 2021

Does your content strategy allow for specific channel content? Are you utilising your Stories content with different pillars such as BTS (Behind-the-Scenes), an educational series or targeted promotional campaigns? Or, do you rely on sharing feed posts as your sole Stories content? If so, you may want to read on…

 While Instagram continues to add more and more functions, it also, increasingly, wants users to better focus what they post within each element, in order to maximise engagement.

Instagram’s latest test is now focused on sharing feed posts within Stories. Late last week, Instagram began sending out this notification to selected users – have you come across this message yet?

With the ever-popular TikTok app increasingly gaining market share in the social media space, Instagram is conducting preliminary tests to prompt users to create content specifically dedicated to each stream in line with the launch of their new function, Reels.

More specific content equals a better user experience – but how much, if this change is rolled out more broadly, will this impact overall Stories sharing?

You would assume that a lot of Stories updates are re-shared feed posts. The fact that Instagram is willing to reduce this seems like a positive sign for its development focus – but it might also indicate that people are viewing Stories less as a result of such shares, which has prompted Instagram to take action.

Either way, the key message from Instagram here is that it wants people to stop sharing content from other sources into its various functions. Other business users have also noted they’ve seen significant reach boosts when they’ve added Reels into their content mix, essentially feeding into Instagram’s development focus.

What this means, is that Instagram is rewarding users who are utilising their new function in Reels, with a better algorithm (showing this to more people and being more prominent in the feed).

What’s a Reel? More on that soon…

In Summary, if you want to maximise your Instagram performance, it is in your best interest to start creating specific content for each channel, while it’s also worth considering where Instagram’s latest updates and tools might fit into your approach.

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