Your business probably isn’t using social media right – here’s why

July 22, 2020

Social media remains an incredibly powerful marketing tool for businesses across the world. Even prior to a global world crisis like COVID-19, social platforms presented an opportunity for businesses to connect with their market. Thanks to the Coronavirus, usage and engagement rates skyrocketed as people flooded to online platforms during isolation and as consumer purchase behaviour started to shift – for the long term. 

Now more than ever consumers are looking to connect with businesses in a digital environment.  They are using social media platforms to research businesses, gather information about products and services and ideally transact. 

So how does that impact business and how should business be engaging with their followers to capitalise on this increased traffic?  The power of social media, when used correctly for businesses is often undervalued.  So many use the platforms as a ‘one way street’ – telling viewers, rather than looking to actually engage with them in a conversation to create a long term, supportive network.

Engagement is critical in the world of social media – remembering it is called SOCIAL media for a reason.  The more engaged your audience, the more the algorithm will support your businesses content and show it to more viewers. Many businesses concentrate on follower numbers rather than focussing on making their content engaging with the end goal being comments, likes and shares – this is how more people are going to see your information!  

Social media should form a part of your overall digital marketing strategy, with a direct aim to funnel traffic back to your website to convert – whether that be to purchase a product if you’re a retail based business or to book an appointment if you’re a professional services based business.

You have the opportunity to control your customers journey through strategic messaging and multiple digital touch points, ideally personalised to your consumers pain points – starting with your social media channels.

Having a solid organic content strategy to your social media platforms will solidify your brands ethos, key messages and services. Highlighting the people behind the business, particularly in a local landscape will drive more of an emotive connection to your brand online – in comparison to those businesses ‘hiding’ behind a brand. Educating your audience, particularly in the professional services sector will deliver the ‘why’ for your audience and keep you top of mind for when the time comes that those followers find a need for your skillset.

Paid advertising on the platforms is where the magic happens in terms of conversions, increased brand awareness and reaching new audiences and purchasers. Through utilising paid advertising on the platforms (via Ad’s Manager NOT Boosting posts) your businesses organic content will also be amplified, as well as providing your brand the opportunity to integrate a number of online objectives from driving traffic to your website, increasing online sales and many more!

The cost effectiveness of social media advertising is some of the most valued we have invested in for clients – with ROI data visible and able to be optimised at any given time during a campaign. From creative changes to target audience updates, you’re in full control of the outcome.

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