Why is it so hard to accept a compliment?

March 16, 2020

Why is it so hard to accept a compliment? 

The RSM team have just wrapped up It’s a Bloke Darwin where a phenomenal $200,000 was raised for Prostate Cancer. 

Now, I love this event!  The planning stages aren’t easy, things can go wrong, you work with many different personalities, everything happens all at once but when we announce the money we have raised I just get “all the feels”.  It is a sense of accomplishment and makes the months of planning all worth it! 

At our most recent Darwin event (when “all the feels” where happening) a lady pulled me aside and said “you should be incredibly proud Lauren not just for your work with IABT but your overall business”. 

Now, I stumbled on my words (yes – that’s rare), I didn’t say thank you that means a lot instead I found myself completely down-playing it – well I am very fortunate to have some great clients, IABT is a fantastic charity and committee, I have fallen on my feet, it’s a team effort and I am lucky…..

Everything I said was true I do have great clients, teams, family, friends, mentors etc but I have also worked bloody hard!  I have sacrificed, I have had ups and downs….and no doubt will continue too.  

So why was I not worthy of a compliment?  I have no bloody idea – very happy for someone to enlighten me? ????

In the interim, I’m going to keep working on it – a simple “thank-you” response instead of my life story is probably a good start ????  

Ps – the poor lady couldn’t wait to get back to her champagne.  She may not ever give a compliment again ???????? 

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