When Christmas Means Togetherness

December 6, 2017

MYER strikes again!

Pssssssst……if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll let you in on a little secret……… Christmas is coming.

What!?! You already knew? Well, fancy that.

Maybe it’s because our senses have already been assaulted with Christmas decorations, puddings and the token Santa Claus since early September.

Please don’t think I’m the Christmas Grinch…I’m far from it! I can’t hold back my excitement to put up the tree, fairy lights and of course the iconic blow up Santa however, I feel that some retailers launch their Christmas campaigns relatively early and it diminishes the true meaning of Christmas.

However, there is one advertising campaign that I wait in anticipation for each year and that is the Myer campaign. This year they have brought back Reindeer, Elf, Angel and Mouse and this year they are focused on the real meaning of Christmas “togetherness”.

Every year the ad is a gorgeous visual feast that offers something for parents and children alike. And maybe that’s why it appeals to me so much – I absolutely love the childlike wonder and simplicity of the campaign. To me it really ticks all of the boxes and the key message is prominent without being in your face.

This year Myer has really focused on the element of community (and social media); partnering with the Salvation Army to help support families who need it the most. A simple campaign that focuses on spreading the Christmas message which everyone can be involved in.

For every “share” the Salvation Army will receive $1 and with 6,200 shares and 112,000 views within 24 hours it is working well!

Keep an eye out for it, because I suspect this is an ad that will be shared over and over and over again in the weeks to come (and for a good cause).

I know I’ll be watching it with a smile every time it pops up for sure.

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