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June 3, 2019

We have clients approach us regularly for assistance with their social media and how their business can leverage the various platforms. Some clients take our advice and embrace it, others simply don’t understand it and every now again we hear “Facebook shouldn’t take you much time – it’s just posting pictures….” (ummmm well why aren’t you doing it?).

1. Being on social media is pointless.

On the contrary! Studies suggest that before a consumer starts taking notice of your brand they will have interacted with it a minimum of 7 times prior (touchpoints) – and they might not even know it! 

This touchpoint could be anywhere your brand is represented – print advertising, events, sponsorships, walking past your office, e-news, social media, website blog, PR activation and the list goes on.

Social media gives a business the opportunity to start building brand awareness and credibility with an audience on very low budgets. Even if you don’t do any paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram, if you are consistent with your strategy, content and posting you will see gradual organic growth and increased visibility.

You can spend considerably less money advertising on Facebook and you can target key attributes including gender, age, location, interests and marital status (and that is just scratching the surface). In 2017, advertisers spent a massive $39.4 billion on sponsored Facebook content – must be something in it right?

It’s time to make your money work smarter!

2. My business can’t connect with people on social media.

Anybody can connect on social media, just like anybody can connect in real life! You are essentially forming relationships, but on a digital platform and that is why you still need to have manners!

Our biggest tip for creating engagement with your audience is posting quality content. The more interaction your posts get, the more visibility Facebook will give you – it’s about knowing the Facebook Algorithm. 

Content is critical! We recommend your content is current, well-photographed, engaging, informative, non-salsey and is a collection of still images, videos, blogs, links and shares!

And all of this must be consistent or there really isn’t any point being on the platform.

3. People don’t want to hear about my personal story.

Actually, they do! But, it’s important to get the mix right. Social media has the ability to humanise your brand and create an emotional connection with the consumer, as people buy on emotion. It’s about creating relationships and brand loyalty in an online forum. We use the analogy that if you went out for a Friday drink with a business colleague, you wouldn’t talk about yourself the entire time. This is when people disengage. #loser

4. What’s the point if I am not on every channel?

No one has time to be on every social media channel. Our advice is to pick one channel and do it well. In choosing the right channel for your business, you could think of it like this; a florist would be more inclined to use Instagram, as it is highly visual. Whereas a service-based business would be better suited to Facebook, as it gives the opportunity to educate the viewer by transitioning into a blog or article. Regardless of the channel you choose, it’s about being consistent.

5. Posting on social media will take up my time.

Yes, it will take time (unless you outsource it to Round Square Marketing of course). 

Social Media is a serious platform for businesses to connect with their clients, so why wouldn’t you invest time, energy and finances into it? 

What if I told you a $200 Facebook ad campaign converted $2,000 worth of sales (this literally happened for our client yesterday). Does that make you take more notice?

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it!

Round Square Marketing specialise in marketing strategy and social media management.If you would to discuss your social media presence and direction, contact us here.

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