To float or not to float?

November 17, 2017

Stress, anxiety, tension! These words are not foreign in society today however the majority of us are constantly seeking ways to balance our lifestyle and lessen the workload and impacts on our long-term health.  I was recently discussing this exact concept with a client who surprised me when he mentioned Float Tanks. 

Now I wouldn’t consider myself a “new age medicine” type person by any means but I like to think I am open to trying most new experiences at least once and the thought of an hour away from the corporate world, parenting and life in general really intrigued me so I started researching.

I found that a Float session comprises of being submerged in a floatation tank for roughly one hour.  The tank is filled with a special ratio of water and epsom salts to change the gravity levels and allow you to float effortlessly in a controlled zero gravity environment – the ultimate level of relaxation and escape.

Float Tank providers promote that this type of treatment can be beneficial for stress and anxiety management, joint pain relief, sports recovery, headaches and improved sleep.  Participating in a float session allows your body and mind to relax, recover and self-heal.

The more I researched the more I really wanted to try this treatment – it just sounds too good to be true.  I couldn’t find a provider of this service in Toowoomba but there is Float centres in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article I haven’t experienced the treatment however I am booked and ready to feel amazing.

Perhaps this is something that may work for you?

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