Theories on Attractive Men and Washing Denim Jeans

February 8, 2018

Lauren, Stacey Burrell and Lee Faulkner chat through some interesting theories on men appearing more attractive when already taken and washing denim jeans during the Triple M Darling Downs Breakfast Cafe.

Do you think women are more attracted to men who are already attached? According to some recent studies, women perceive men who are taken to be more attractive as they feel they are kinder, faithful, secure and a good dad.

On a totally different note – denim jeans wearers take note! How often do you wash your jeans? Are you a fan of washing them after every wear, every 2 – 3 wears or never? Shocked or not, apparently some manufacturers advise that denim jeans are designed to never be washed!

Keen to hear what Lauren, Stacey and Lee think? Listen to the full radio interview here.

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