The RSM Journey

May 2, 2019

Every now and again I like to reflect on the RSM story because I am bloody PROUD of it!

I have no doubt that my story is similar to others out there in the big bad business world and it goes like this.

I started out as a Marketing Coordinator for a large construction firm and gradually worked my way into the role of Marketing Manager. Disclaimer – 8 years of hard work to get there.  Male dominated workforces aren’t easy to tackle but that’s a whole other story!

I loved my job and the company – thinking back on it now I was a little institutionalised but didn’t recognise it at the time. We worked hard and played hard and the opportunities, friendships and life lessons that I gained while I was there have formed the foundations of my business. I will be forever grateful.

However, my world completely changed on the 11/1/2013 when we had our first child Slater. Let’s not sugar-coat it and admit that the first time around is rough. I’m going to be completely transparent with you; I was 28 years old when I gave birth to Slater, I had never held a baby so you could say it wasn’t a “walk in the park” for me. 

Slater was 5 months old when I returned to my role in a part-time capacity. It didn’t take long to realise that my life had changed and the 60 hour weeks and champagne Friday’s weren’t conducive with a new born. Not to mention Chris (husband) worked on a 3/1 roster.

It was 9am Monday morning and I received a phone call from a colleague (a not so nice one), I hung up the phone, cried in the bathroom and then quit my job immediately. 

I was jobless for 7 days before my network started ringing asking for marketing assistance.  So I set myself up as a consultant and I started doing a few bits and pieces at home. To cut a long story short I can very rarely say no when I am passionate about something and within 3 months I went from a work-from-home hobby business to a lease signed on an office space and a full book of clients.

True to my style I had no business plan, no marketing plan and the bank balance was less than desirable but I trusted my gut, worked hard and now we are going into our fifth year in business with an incredibly talented team of four. I have even brought back champagne Friday’s… YAY!

And while it is a juggle it is also incredibly rewarding and I wouldn’t change any of my decisions (except for that time in 2017 when I thought a fringe would look good on me! #rookieerror #weallmakemistakes

At the end of the day what was the worst that could have happened? I tried, failed and went back to working for someone – doesn’t seem that bad. Never knowing if I had it in me would have been worse.

Lauren x

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