The in’s & out’s of graphic design

June 24, 2019

With visual platforms and tools fast taking over the online sphere, graphic design knowledge – in at least some capacity has now become an essential skill in marketing.

An understanding of key design tricks and principles can help you create better stories, posts and ultimately improve your social media performance.

Here are my top tips that will help you create a killer design!

1. Typography – contract different font styles

2. Use a grid – this will help you organise all of the elements on your page

3. Keep it simple – steer away from too many elements and clutter

4. Keep it balanced (between the type and design) – however, don’t make the type the same visual weight of the design

5. Know your audience – will further allow you to improve and narrow your design choices

6. Learn colour theory – understanding how colours will psychologically affect your audience will significantly improve your designs

7. Lastly, revise it and improve it – always take a second look with fresh eyes

Jayden x

Round Square Marketing specialise in graphic design.If you would to discuss your businesses requirements contact us here.

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