The importance of Facebook Ads

March 23, 2020

With the influx of users flocking to social media, having generating ads live on social platforms will be what sets many brands apart from the rest. We have already seen many businesses providing incentives or value additions to their products (in an authentic way) to generate more online sales through their ads. If you don’t want to be forgotten? Some have added new offerings entirely to adapt to the situation at hand – including delivery or take away options.

Wanting to make sure the *world*, or at least your local consumers know about your new offering? Then ads are your answer.

Or of course, you may not be ready to continue the promotion push just yet, but perhaps you are wanting to generate immediate income at a later stage when you feel more comfortable with the consumer landscape? Then ads are your answer. 

It’s important to remember we are NOT talking about boosting posts here. We are talking about targeted ads that are remarketing to your current database, previous website or social traffic – those who are more likely to convert for your business. Utilising Ads Manager is the only way in which you can set ads of this type.

Get in touch for advice on managing your businesses social media ads by emailing us at – we’d love to help!

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