The importance of a Company Profile

November 13, 2019

A company profile isn’t just a fancy document. It’s a powerful tool that will visually showcase your business to potential clients. A great company profile should give people an insight into the business including service or product offerings, key strengths and previous works.

Company profiles should be utilised across websites, media kits, press releases, potential client meetings and official online profile pages on social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Sure, the saying don’t judge a book by its coveris nice to believe but it certainly doesn’t apply when a client is deciding whether to work with you or not. 

First impressions count and you want to ensure that yours is one that will stay with them after they’ve left.

Are you thinking “does my business really need a company profile?”

The answer will always be YES, every. single. time!

No matter the industry, business size or location, every business should invest in a company profile. 

If you need assistance with the graphic design and copywriting of your company profile, contact the Round Square Marketing team today. We’d love to help!

Have we got you curious? Check out the RSM Company Profile here

Jayden x

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