Taya’s top 5 in 5

August 15, 2019

Round Square Marketing is celebrating 5 years of business. Here are Taya Elliott’s (Marketing Assistant) top 5 moments in 5 years!

​1. The interview – Preparing myself for what I thought would be a pretty formal interview, I spent numerous hours researching the night before. I dressed in my fanciest of corporate outfits and away I went – ready to make a good impression! Little did I know that I would just be heading to a café next door for a coffee and casual chat, which has funnily turned out to be the first of many…

2. My first client event – My second day working at RSM and I was already working at an event. Assisting Annie with the setup and coordination of the Mort & Co Office Opening. It was pretty amazing to see first-hand the amount of work that goes into preparing for a client event and how it all comes together!

3. IABT – My third day on the job involved travelling to Noosa to meet the It’s a Bloke Thing committee (it was a very rough first week, I know). Not to mention the 7-hour long car trip with MJ Finance – introducing Michael’s ears to the world of ‘trap’ music. I feel very fortunate to work alongside some pretty great people.

4. Starring in a TV Commercial – When I left my previous job at a school, I explained to some Year 3 students that I was going to work in ‘marketing’ and the first thing they said, very excitedly was “soo… you’re going to be on TV?” I let them down with my response, “not quite, but if I ever am I’ll be sure to let you know.” Well girls, two months into the new job and I am starring in a clients’ TV commercial (so keep your eye out)! Thanks Thru A Lens Media

5. LifeFlight Ball – Prepping for this event began just two-weeks’ prior, scrambling to find a dress to wear, booking in to get my hair and makeup done, planning when I would fake tan etc. Safe to say, on the day of the event, I was feeling pretty darn good about myself! Five hours in and a few too many (ok, waaaay too many) champers later and I was sitting outside the Empire Theatre, calling my boyfriend to come and pick me up. With that being said, I think this will always be a memorable one for me (wouldn’t classify as a highlight though… embarrassing).

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