Strategic sponsorship alignment: how the Oscars does it

April 21, 2015

Putting together events is Round Square Marketing’s speciality. We love them because they’re a fantastic opportunity to pair brands and people through strategic sponsorships.

Attaching your business name to an event can buy back unmeasurable exposure. And nothing says exposure like celebrity endorsements, which is why so many companies line up each year to be a part of the infamous Oscar swag bag.

Given to presenters and losing nominees, this year’s swag bag was full of products worth $US168,000 – the most expensive in history. Some of the treats for this year were a luxury train ride through the Canadian Rockies worth more than $14,500, a year’s worth of rental from Audi, worth more than $20,000 and luxury beauty products, just to name a few.

We’re not suggesting that for your next event you need to include a Canadian train ride in your sponsorship prospectus (but if you’re in the position to give that away, we’re interested). But what is important is strategically aligning your event with a complementary brand.

Take a look at Audi for example. Their brand stands for luxury, style, exclusivity and individualism.

By being part of the swag bag that’s exclusively delivered to some of the wealthiest and stylish people on the planet, they’ve smartly aligned themselves perfectly with people that match their brand values. Placing their product in front of this market means they have the potential to achieve product awareness through the celebrity’s circle of influence.

Because many celebrities are so active on social media these days this reach can be incredibly powerful. For example, Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram post on Oscar night thanking Tiffany and Co for her borrowed jewels garnered 89,606 likes. That’s a lot of eyes on Tiffanys.

While extravagant, the Oscars is an excellent example of how event sponsorships can work effectively for both parties, especially if you align your event and sponsor carefully.

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