Social media – be as *armed* as ever after a crisis!

March 23, 2020

Weathering the storm of a crisis is a trying, and let’s face it – emotional time for many business owners. We would be lying if we didn’t admit as things have been escalating nationally and internally over the last few weeks we have been ever so worried for the state of business throughout Australia in the coming months (if not years).

It is true however that during these *literally* isolating times, consumers have flooded to the internet and their digital devices to feel somewhat connected to the outside world.

It’s been heart-warming to see so many campaigns launched in an aim to support businesses both large and small locally to Toowoomba but also nation wide on socials – a truly powerful tool for so many brands when physical contact or storefronts became an issue of concern for consumers.

Like many businesses, utilising the ‘downtime’ during a crisis to make plans for what will be a new consumer landscape can be incredibly beneficial for many.

We can’t argue with the power of social media

The power of social media as a forward facing platform for your brand cannot be disputed – if these uncertain times have shown us nothing else in terms of marketing. There were even some mentions of the internet crashing from the pure influx of consumers headed online to gain access to their essentials, but also to simply scroll for hours on end.

Understanding how your business can utilise social media as a sales funnel is critical in times like these. Instead of querying how you could be making additional income from social media for your business, wouldn’t you want to have the ability from the outset to adapt your business immediately to ensure a digital income stream for your business?

Don’t have a product or e-commerce based business?

It’s true – product and e-commerce based businesses have an upper hand when utilising social media to generate immediate income. Yet we have seen many shop-front only or service based businesses turn to offering items for sale or delivery online quickly. Prompt, strategic changes are possible in the digital space and social is the best way to leverage those changes.

Through the use of on-point content, delivering value for your clients – service based businesses can utilise their social platforms to remain top of mind for consumers both now and as they begin to approach a new consumer environment. Forming connections through human content will be crucial. Utilising your channels to share real and raw content will assist in building your audience for the future – developing brand trust and credibility for the long-term.

The power of ads

With the influx of users, having generating ads live on social platforms will be what sets many brands apart from the rest. We have already seen many businesses providing incentives or value additions to their products (in an authentic way) to generate more online sales through their ads. If you don’t want to be forgotten? Then ads are your answer.

Or are you wanting to generate immediate income at a later stage when you feel more comfortable with the consumer landscape? Then ads are your answer.

It’s important to remember we are NOT talking about boosting posts here. We are talking about targeted ads that are remarketing to your current database, previous website or social traffic – those who are more likely to convert for your business. Utilising Ads Manager is the only way in which you can set ads of this type.

Needing some guidance with your social media strategy? Get in contact with us here. 

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