Relationships and Social Media – A help or a hindrance?

February 19, 2018

I think most people will agree that great relationships take hard work.  In 2018 the modern family is juggling children, career, household, finances and marriage.  We are a time poor society and with the new advancements in Technology we are more contactable and busier than ever (did we really need watches that buzz when we receive an email or text message?).

Now let’s throw social media into the mix.  I am an avid social media user, I find it very powerful for business and in my organisation we manage multiple social media accounts on behalf of numerous clients.  On a personal level I love throwing out a few #hashtags, the rare Insta story and it’s my go-to platform for the occasional “stalking”.  Using Facebook as an example, it is a great tool to stay up to date with friends, share photo’s, sell unwanted items, host events and just generally engage with each other.  Sounds fantastic?

BUT, what impact does it have on our romantic relationships? 

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow couples to post status updates and pictures about their relationship but sometimes it can be a breeding-ground for jealousy, uncertainty and unrealistic expectations.

We all know that loved up couple who post updates of their exotic holidays, beautiful home, great job, perfectly dressed well-mannered children and emotionally connected husband/wife (often with a killer bod!).  They portray the perfect image and we forget that this is only one aspect of their life….the part they want to show us!  It is not necessarily a true reflection of what is happening behind closed doors – Remember the perfect photo often takes several re-takes!

I have made the mistake that many do; I started comparing my relationship and unintentionally setting unrealistic expectations which created disappointment and a sense of failure.  I mean, surely if he loved me he would constantly declare his love on Facebook!

With Valentines Day approaching this article is a timely reminder that social media is an element of smoke and mirrors.  On February 14 as your feeds fill with #flowers, #love, #romance (too long to list them all), don’t let it influence or define your sense of being.

Whether you partake in the traditional Valentine’s Day or celebrate in your own way on another day, just remember that everyone’s relationship is different. Sometimes it’s the smallest gesture that counts/means the most. If you’re regularly comparing your relationship against another on social media, you might need to hit the unfollow button. #happy

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