Progress Over Perfection

July 8, 2021

Let me start by saying business is not black and white. There are multiple shades of grey….sometimes there is also red, blue and green. It is an ever-changing landscape and you have to adapt to suit. 
One of the biggest challenges at RSM (and I feel in most businesses) is getting people to choose progress over perfection – one of the biggest killers of productivity is perfectionism!

People often spend more time caught up in the details that they forget to assess if they are even moving in the right direction.

So what does it do to the bottom line?

A 15-minute project is taking 1 hour 15 minutes because you strive for perfection – now times that number x 20 team members and you soon have way too much lost time that often can’t be billed! 

Now, I’m not saying do a half-arsed job but I am saying that generally the last 20% of time spent on a project makes absolutely no difference to the final outcome. It is momentum and output that pays the bills!

One of my own tricks includes setting strict deadlines – continually moving a deadline just encourages procrastination and seeking perfection. #timewasted

Adjust expectations – stop waiting to launch that new service, product or new division. The idea is to have the current version out the door while continuing to refine and develop over time. The longer you seek perfection the more momentum you lose and the excitement diminishes.

At RSM we strive to be the best in our field, the pioneers trying new initiatives and I strongly believe that you need to surround yourself with like minded people to achieve your goals and brainstorm your ideas – risk takers, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, thought leaders, optimists.

Surrounding yourself with these kinds of people will help develop behaviours conducive with progress and success. Business and life isn’t about being perfect – it’s about being willing to move and move fast!

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