O Come All Ye Marketing Faithful

November 17, 2015

Pssssssst……if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll let you in on a little secret……… Christmas is coming.

What!?! You already knew? Well, fancy that.

Maybe it’s because our senses have already been assaulted with intrusive Christmas advertising from as early as September, as our supermarkets and major retailers eagerly remind us that Santa will soon be visiting once more (albeit in just a short three or four months’ time).  Please don’t think I am the Christmas Grinch…I’m far from it!  I usually can’t hold back my excitement to put up the tree, fairy lights and of course the iconic blow up Santa however, some of the advertising really grates me.

While I’ve been able to shut out the plethora of traditionally loud, overly aggressive Christmas marketing, I’ve finally been treated to a Yuletide advertisement that is a genuine delight to watch.

I looooovvvveeee it!

No 300-decibel hard sell. No light-speed montage of crappy products whizzing past the eye. No shop owners wildly waving placards at me, announcing “CRAZY CHRISTMAS PRICE CRASHES!!!!!”

Instead, the softer, friendlier, story-telling style of the latest Myer Christmas commercial has really struck a chord with me. See it and all its magic here

– http://www.myer.com.au/p/christmas-ad/?cm_sp=Cross%20Company%20S15%20TVC-_-Homepage%20Hero%20Banner-_-TVC  

The retail giant has teamed up with Clemenger BBDO Melbourne to create an “old school” campaign of gorgeous Chrissy characters that go in search of the ideal gift.

Reindeer, Elf (who really should chill a bit), Angel and Mouse steal the show as they team up to find the perfect present at the Myer Giftorium.

The ad is a gorgeous visual feast that offers something for parents and children alike.

And maybe that’s why it appeals to me so such – I absolutely love the childlike wonder and simplicity of the campaign.  To me it really ticks all of the boxes and the key message is prominent without being in your face.  I mean if Santa’s little helpers do their Christmas shopping at Myer shouldn’t everyone?

It mirrors the classic Christmas puppet animation styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s, but it’s certainly not low-budget – no way in the world.

Clemenger has enlisted the incredible talents of Aardman – the Academy Award-winning animation studio (who famously brought us Wallace and Gromit) to bring these characters to life in glorious 3D – so, I’m sure THAT partnership cost more than a few Christmas baubles.

And even though the story is set in the beautiful surrounds of a typical Winter Wonderland, the broad Aussie accents of the characters leaves no doubt that this is “our” Christmas tale.

I’m sure you’ll see the ad in some form, whether on television or through social media channels and I have no doubts the campaign theme will adorn posters, catalogues and packaging throughout the holiday season.

Keep an eye out for it, because I suspect this is an ad that will be shared over and over and over again in the weeks to come.

I know I’ll be watching it with a smile every time it pops up for sure.

See you next week,


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