New website traffic strategy – the power of ads!

May 18, 2020

Launching a new website? Congrats! It’s taken a lot of work for your business to get to this stage I am sure. The next step? Bolstering traffic. 

You want to have as many users land on your new website from launch for a few reasons – obviously, the first one being brand awareness! The more traffic you have to your website over time the more this will assist in your organic SEO ranking and the likelihood of new clients finding you through search.

When launching a new e-commerce website for our client we always ensure there is a budget allocated for Facebook Ads to drive traffic across to the website – focusing on re-targeting their warm leads (i.e. a database of their clients, people who have visited their Facebook or Instagram profiles recently etc) as these users are already aware of the business and ideally most likely to transact.

Results achieved through targeted social media ads simply cannot be achieved through sporadic organic posts or other more ‘traditional’ forms of promotion you may look to implement to promote your new site to your current clients and also the wider marketplace.

From a budget of just $200 our client achieved just over 1,800+ visitors to their new site within the first week of being online.

Could your business benefit from a strategic Facebook Ads strategy?

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