My most hated task – performance reviews

September 19, 2019

So today was the big day, we held our 6 monthly performance reviews for our team. It is hands down one of the areas in my business that I struggle with and I really want to grow in this space. Actually, I think people management in general is very daunting!
I experience sweaty palms, losing my train of thought and often stumbling over my words. My personality type is ENFJs (thanks @soulspace). We are all about people, we are incredibly optimistic and always see the bright side of every situation. This makes the tough discussions that little bit harder (after all we ENFJs’ want everyone to like us). However, I am working on my mindset and looking at performance reviews as an opportunity to share feedback with my team members, set expectations and help develop their career path. I really want to understand what’s important to them and what they value, so I can try and provide it to them.  Sometimes values don’t align, people change, businesses change and what was working doesn’t anymore. That is OKAY!  We are all growing and developing – I am the first to admit that I’m an amateur in the business world… and it’s a big bloody world! Lauren x

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