Instagram Launches New Creators Account

October 2, 2019

Instagram have come out with a new Creator’s Account which will make it easier to control your online presence, understand your growth and manage your messages.

First things first, make sure you follow @creators over on the gram – this is where they will share tips & tricks, tutorials from the ‘insta gurus’ and keep you up-to-date with Instagram updates and data insights!

We’ve done some digging and put together some pro’s and con’s so you can decide if the Creator account is for YOU.


  • More growth tools – Instagram creator studio dashboard will be packed with analytics (daily, weekly, demographic – and will work across posts, IGTV and stories, insights to when their followers are online, growth insights).
  • Access to follow/unfollow data – making it easier to see exactly what content is/isn’t resonating with your followers
  • Shopping from Insta – new feature allowing followers to shop directly from creator posts. It will give creator’s the ability to post a photo and tag exactly what they are wearing and where they bought it – with followers able to then buy it on the spot
  • Simplified inbox – A new tab allows you to move messages between a primary and general inbox! Allowing you to flag and filter messages in your inbox. You can also rank pending requests by time or prominence of the account sending you a message request.
  • Contact information & category labels – Contact information and category labels (such as athlete, author or blogger) are optional and can be turned on or off.


  • Not connected to Instagram API – meaning you won’t be able to use third-party tools such as scheduling and analytics. If you switch to a creator account, you’ll lose the connectivity and no longer be able to rely on a scheduling tool, auto-publishing, or content creation dashboard to post your content from the desktop.
  • No, making the switch won’t get you verified

Our recommendation – if you are a small business or an influencer – we think you’ll see value in the additional insights for audience growth and loss (as long as you don’t rely on scheduling tools or other third-party apps). However, we don’t think most businesses will see enough value to make the switch.


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