In a time where fear has filled the world!

April 28, 2020

Our Aussie spirit still shines ✨ In a time where fear has filled the world, where businesses are closing their doors, where streets are bare and home-schooling has commenced, there is still a light shining in each and every one of us.

COVID-19 is like nothing we have ever seen before. Our economy has taken a dive and the way we do business is different, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our Aussie spirit. We fight, we help, we change and we adapt. We work harder than ever to keep our families safe and our teams employed. We support our clients, we purchase from our community and we check in on our friends. And we do it all with a smile!

I have no doubt that our world is going to look a little different one this is over but our values will have evolved, and we will appreciate the small wins (and I’m not referring to business wins, I’m referring to life wins). We have slowed down but it has allowed us to appreciate sunsets, puzzles with the family and firepit evenings. I am cherishing my morning walks with Slater and Hunter and they are loving more time with mum.

I have been silent on Social Media because my thoughts change daily (plus everyone has an opinion… and that is okay) – we spend hours strategising our options and when we think we have a plan something changes and we are back to the drawing board. It’s like looking into a crystal ball while riding a roller coaster and juggling all at the same time (and I’m honestly not that talented)!

I have always worked, I am driven and continually looking for opportunities for RSM – its just my passion! While my work ethic is somewhat admirable it also makes it hard to turn off – it basically takes a World Health Pandemic for me to take a little step back, to breathe and to reset. And I thank our Government for having put financial support in place so we can take a breather before we start the next planning session!

So for now, our doors are open, we will continue evolving and we will continue supporting each other. PS – by the time I post this blog my feelings could’ve changed… bloody rollercoaster! ????‍♀️

Lauren x

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