How to Utilize Your Instagram Profile at Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel

April 13, 2021

Instagram has grown rapidly as a popular marketing tool and way to connect with your audience. It Is a powerful platform that your business should be utilising to reach your customers effectively, and most Importantly leave a lasting Impression.

But what Is the best way to create customer-driven content so your audience will not just see It, but also engage and continue to want more?

We recommend following a few simple steps:

Introduction: Create content that catches the eye and holds their attention. Instagram stories have become an effective marketing channel, especially since clickable links have been added to the mix! It is also one of the first things your audience will click on and observe before anything else – remember first impressions count!

Display Social Proof: This is when your current clientele recommends your business based on their experiences with your brand – which in turn is when a potential customer decides to leave your page or stay. The presence of social proof makes a business more trustworthy as it comes from existing customers. Positive client testimonials, real people featuring your product and actively engaging with your audience is a great place to start.

Retargeting: You know those little ads that keep popping up In your feed coming from sites you recently clicked on? (Or ever just had a thought about a product and now ‘said product’ keeps appearing everywhere when you are sure you never said It out loud and now you can’t stop thinking about it?) That Is the beauty of retargeting a specific audience. It Is a re-engagement (A second date If you will), a call to action and an opportunity not be missed! 

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