How to use storytelling to connect with your audience

July 8, 2019

Storytelling has always been an integral part of digital marketing, and marketing in general – for a good reason!

While the digital age has brought increased access to information, digesting it all takes time and energy.

Consumers are now able to compare products and services at a click of a button and they trust online reviews more than ever. Therefore, we need to get better at storytelling and positioning a brand to be worth listening to!

1. Know your values

Great story telling begins with a clear understanding of your brand’s history and values. Refer back to your overall vision to find out what angle to approach the stories you tell with your marketing strategy. It’s important to be able to translate this into visual content and not just writing them out.

2. Maintaining a balance between image and copy

Yes, people do still read captions on social media! That’s why you shouldn’t shy away from giving more context to your images.

3. Use data for continuous improvement

It isn’t enough to simply communicate your brand message how you want to see it. You need to take into consideration the characteristics of your audience. Check, check, check your data and insights!

Lastly, remember that people want to feel a connection! Humans are social and emotional, and most would like to have an affinity with a brand whose products and services they prefer. Understanding your audience and crafting posts around that will help you establish and instant bond with whoever decides to scroll through your profile.

Happy posting!

Tyhla x

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