Event life – yes it’s an emotional roller coaster

September 20, 2019

Well, it’s official. Event Management is the 5th most stressful job… EVER! A recent study by Forbes has ranked Event Management just behind Firefighters, Military and Police Officers (I struggle with putting us in the same category as these professions, if I’m being totally honest).
However, after wrapping up It’s a Bloke Thing 2019 I can tell you it definitely compares to being on an ’emotional’ roller coaster.   So why the stress and emotions?
– Deadlines, deadlines deadlines (and generally all last minute)  – Adrenaline rushes and lack of sleep – Controlling people and personalities (the hardest) – Managing a budget so the event doesn’t tank  – Physical demands with bump in and out, multiple meetings, 1000’s of emails (your head is literally in multiple places all at once) – All eyes on you Things can go wrong and be out of your control, but it still comes back to the Event Manager. BUT, when it all comes together there is euphoria, achievement, accomplishment and acknowledgement of your hard work (about now you’re coming off the last roller coaster loop).  It doesn’t matter the size of your event, big or small. I can guarantee if it is a success you will enter a state of delight, glee, happiness and elation (and lots of emotion).  And, you know that last little bit of the roller coaster when you come to a very slow stop, when you get off and your legs are shaky? You still have butterflies, but you are gradually recovering from the excitement? This is the event wash up phase… Sorting out monies, any issues, writing reports and evaluating. About now is the time when all you want to do is sleep, eat Italian food and watch The Kardashians – your body and mind “fall in a heap”. Just ask Taya Elliott after her first IABT!  I have no idea why I love it but I do… I feel really proud of what we have accomplished (sometimes I really don’t appreciate the magnitude and I’m my own worst critic). I am continuously wondering how we can reinvent our events, however sometimes it is just nice to sit back and reflect on the journey.
P.S – I hate roller coasters! Go figure…

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