July 22, 2019

Round Square Marketing have launched their all new workshops – introducing, the anticipated (and heavily requested) RSM Academy!

Lauren Hope, Director of Round Square Marketing says that social media has evolved so much in the last two years.

“We have been working with social media clients both large and small over the last five years and have learnt so much in the trenches of the world of social media – the good, the bad and the ugly.” 

She further commented, “as our society becomes more digitally focused, so do our clients’ consumer behaviour – those businesses who are adapting are flourishing and sadly, those who aren’t are falling behind.”

RSM wanted to offer businesses a solution that they can implement themselves to excel in the social space.

“Weekly, we are approached by local businesses about social media and how they can use it more effectively.”

“I have invested heavily in training and upskilling in the digital space to remain ahead of the game,” she said.

The team at RSM have spent the last 6 months writing course notes, researching and tapping into some of Australia’s leading social media agencies, so that they can share some of the juiciest knowledge with other local businesses.   

“Working in the field every day, we know how labour intensive it can be to do well. Unfortunately, we cannot service every client, and this is how RSM Academy came about,” she said.

RSM will be offering two different courses with varying level of involvement, allowing different businesses and brands to align the course with their current understanding and skill set.

Lauren further commented that this knowledge has been acquired over many years of on the ground experience, in-depth internal training of their own, as well as an innovative approach to trailing new systems and continuously innovating in the digital space.

“We are super excited to see how these courses will be embraced by the local Toowoomba business community and cannot wait to help even more brands stand out from the crowd,” she said.

Spots will be limited. Join our waitlist here: https://rsmarketing.typeform.com/to/wdiUhA

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