Creating a Positive Disruption in a Saturated Market

May 23, 2019

Everyday, consumers are bombarded with advertising.  We literally see advertising everywhere. 

Think of your morning alone; from the time you wake up to when you arrive at work, you would have encountered advertising on television, radio, billboard signage, newspaper, internet and social media. The question is, are the right consumers seeing or hearing what is intended for them?

In a busy and saturated market, it is important you are standing out by creating a positive disruption to break through all of the noise.  But how?

Challenging the status quo

Well, first and foremost, you must recognise that the world is constantly evolving and changing – and this goes for advertising too.  Fifteen years ago, radio, newspaper or television were key channels to advertise your business products or services. 

While these traditional mediums are still effective, people are moving towards brand activations, influencer campaigns, public relations and guerrilla marketing to cut through the ‘fat’ and recieve better return on investment (and no, we are not referring to the animal!)

Brand activations invite consumers to use a product, or to experience a service.  This ‘activates’ the brand’s value with a group of consumers, who are left with a strong impression and subsequently spread the word about your business, fast.  This can be done through pop up stands and product giveaways, just as a few examples. 

Let’s look at a jewellery retailer for example.  What is more memorable?

A)    A full-page advert in a magazine that might cost $4K or

B)     A beautifully styled flower cart that pops up over Mother’s Day weekend (with an engaged audience), giving Mum’s free flowers which are of course branded with your logo (you are such a nice company for recognising our mums and making them feel special). The Jeweller just down the street has never done anything like this before – you’re breaking the norm!

These Mum’s find it such lovely touch and gesture that they start sharing it on their social media platforms, tell their friends and all of a sudden you are viral!  Your website views are up 200% and you are converting 80% of visits. 

Now it still might cost you $4K to execute this campaign properly (not forgetting the pre and post activation promo campaign to build hype) but which ones provides the best visibility? 

Keep in mind that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, family and testimonials over branded content.

What would it mean for your brand?

Guerrilla marketing focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results, which is ideal for small businesses.  This style fosters creative and imaginative ways to take the consumer by surprise and make a lasting and valuable impression.  Examples include flash mobs and eye-catching visual imagery (pro tip: make sure you get video though so you can leverage it well after it has taken place!) 

Public Relations is about telling your brands story – a lot of businesses struggle with this concept. PR campaigns enhance the external understanding of a company’s objectives and achievements – it is about building a positive public image and reputation.

Every business has a story to tell and most of the time it is newsworthy and if handled expertly the media outlets will cover it (exposure that we all know money can’t buy) – you can forget this level of coverage if it is sales driven though! A well curated press release or media call can certainly assist but if you can engage a PR expert that has strong relationships and knowledge of Public Relations principles it will pay dividends.

PR is vital to building a business and it plays an important role with building credibility, enhancing reputation and assisting in sales growth.

We have to finish with our favourite PR quote – “Advertising is saying you’re great, Public Relations is having someone else say you’re great!”

If you’d like to discuss how you can create a market disruption for your brand, contact us here.

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