Annie’s top 5 in 5

August 15, 2019

Round Square Marketing is celebrating 5 years of business. Here are Annie Glover’s (Strategist) top 5 moments in 5 years!

​The Sparkler Moment at Diner en Blanc – after 15 months of hard work (seriously, this surprise pop up picnic was a logistical nightmare) but my god was it worth every 1am email, social media post or the 100th ‘stealth’ site meeting to discuss power, AV, the list goes on! Seeing 600+ people transcend on the venue was such an adrenaline moment and Lauren and I have been in events for SO many years. Once our guests were seated (again, a logistical mountain) we could finally enjoy a glass (or 10) of Moet. Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ played and I took a moment from dancing around literally on cloud nine to soak in exactly what we had achieved. Although it won’t be returning to Toowoomba in 2020 we have the fondest memories of the event and thank every single person who supported us through the rollercoaster. Santé!

Launching RSM Academy – one of the hardest parts of this job is wanting to help every single business or brand we possibly can – knowing we can’t always work with every single one is often a difficult pill to swallow (we have a serious problem saying no to anything, we particularly love a challenge)! RSM Academy has been born from that same desire to help as many business as we can stand out from the crowd. Our first workshops, focusing on Social Media as the most notable digital marketing trend of the last year will allow us to help over 24 businesses across our first release dates. As your Course Facilitator, it’s been 6 months of perfecting our juiciest ‘social world’ knowledge to ultimately help our workshoppers soar to new heights – both metaphorically but mostly financially!

My personal RSM journey – joining the team in 2016 when it was Lauren and myself in a much smaller office space, I never imagined us being were we are today. Not that I doubted our skills, work ethic or innate ability to think ‘outside of the box’ – we were humble. We were two humble Mothers who were grateful for the opportunity to sit at the mere table of many of our clients. Some we would never have dreamed of working for!

Maternity leave started in May 2017 (note, I was running my own side hustle at the time so it would be a stretch to call it ‘leave’) and I was soon back working on a contract basis for RSM as we deep dove into the George Banks and Diner en Blanc launch campaigns. Fast forward – I’ve just celebrated my 3 year anniversary as part of the team and I am damn f***ing proud of us.

Melbourne Training – if you aren’t learning, you’re dead – right? Learning from some of Australia’s most valued digital trainers has allowed me to reach new heights for our clients in this ever evolving space. My favourite training of which was in Melbourne with the team from @thedigitalpicnic. Why? Because they get it. They get what it’s like being in an agency environment, juggling multiple client objectives, multiple different working styles, different budgets. Transitioning through multiple headspaces on the hour isn’t for the faint hearted. Add in the pressure of ‘you must succeed or the client won’t achieve X’ can be overwhelming. But, I’ve never felt so confident in the social media and digital marketing space – thanks to Cherie and the team.

New client galore in 2019 – so you know how I said I was humble (see ‘personal journey story above’) – that stops here for a second. We’ve tripled our client base since the end of 2018. Now working with some clients we’ve admired, even looked up to or aspired to be in the past. What could be more fulfilling than that? Something’s ‘switched’ – we’ve always worked hard but it hasn’t always been noticed because “marketing’s just designing a few flyers right?”. Thanks to all of our new clients, you’re the real MVP’s.

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