A successful Brand Ambassador launch

April 24, 2020

We know the influence of a brand ambassador for many businesses can be so powerful. Authenticity is the key to a beneficial ambassador relationship – the more forced it appears or feels, the more consumers will sense this. So when we first discussed a brand ambassador strategy with our property development client, they were completely on board with the concept – it was just about finding an appropriate ambassador that resonated both with the project and with their target audience.

The objective of the brand ambassador collaboration was to increase the overall awareness of the project within the local landscape. In the initial discussions with Shane, we overviewed the project and visited the development a number of times. He resonated with the vision at The Avenues – it’s long term goals for its residents, most of which were families. Funnily, Shane had lived in the Highfields area when he was younger also – a connection he still felt to the region.

Next came the launch campaign. The key focus – saturation! We needed to shoot both photo and video content to support the campaign roll-out, to deliver the authenticity and brand recognition immediately. We overtook every asset the client had live in the market already for a 6 week period, plus adopted a number of other additional paid channels to further promote the partnership. This included web, organic social, paid social, PR, TV, radio, digital billboards, brochures and MUCH more.

Online traffic drastically increased since the campaign launch, foot traffic to the development sales and Display Village increased and overall awareness of the project was heightened. A successful launch if we do say so ourselves!

Want to get in touch with us about a potential ambassador for your brand? Email us at info@rsmarketing.com.au. 

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