6 Tips to Increase Engagement

January 23, 2020

One of the number one questions we get asked – how to increase/improve engagement? ????

We get it, it can be HARD to see consistent engagement across your posts/channels. Overtime, we have learnt some tips & tricks we thought we would pass on ????

​1. Be REAL! ????
​Remember social media is about being social & building trusted relationships, so create content that is relatable. Be yourself, people love seeing BTS content.

​2. Consistency is KEY ????
​By posting consistently – your followers will get used to seeing your content on a regular basis. This will help develop relationships and ultimately, boost engagement.

​3. #hashtags #️
​Hashtags will allow your content to be discovered organically from new customers. We highly recommend developing a hashtag set for each of your key service areas/themes and adding them to your first comment!

​4. Visually INSPIRE your audience ????
The best accounts include aesthetically pleasing imagery and video that create immediate impact from the first profile visit.

5. Develop a COMMUNITY ????
​Design your content to build a strong bond between your brand/consumer. This may be a long game, however by being consistent you will soon grow an online tribe!

​6. ENGAGE with your followers ????
The sooner you can reply to comments on a post, the more engagement and reach your comment will drive.

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