5 things I’ve learnt so far at RSM

May 27, 2022

I joined the Round Square Marketing team as Marketing Assistant a few months ago now. Time has flown by and I’ve learnt SO much already.

I wanted to share five of my key take aways that I have learnt so far in the day-to-day operations of working at our marketing agency. Here are my top five things I have learnt so far at RSM…

1 – The importance of social media for our clients

The first valuable skill I have learnt (very quickly) at RSM is the importance of social media, and what it means to our clients in terms of being able to interact with their customers. In my previous job experience, social media was utilised, however was not one of the valued and highlighted methods of connecting with clients.

For some clients, social media is the main channel for them to build, maintain, and interact with their audience; it is cost effective, accessible, quick, and personal. Which is why for these reasons, it is important for us to stay ahead of the trends and regularly consume social media, to take advantage of the algorithm, and be as organised as possible in terms of planning and scheduling content.

2 – How to make social media work for you

It was no secret to me that each social media platform has a specific algorithm, however there are certain types of content and steps that can make the algorithm work strategically for our clients on each platform.

One example is utilising video content, as the algorithm prefers video on most social media platforms, so pushes this content to more people (and ideally, more clients). Ensuring that there is a healthy balance of video and static content is vital to maximising the algorithm and performance of any posts I am scheduling for our clients.

3 – How to prioritise clients and upcoming campaigns

Time management is everything – one motto I strongly believe is that failure to plan means you are planning for failure.

While I have had to hit the ground running at RSM, this motto has been invaluable as I learn to juggle upcoming events and campaigns. I do this by making sure I have all my key dates, tasks, and estimated times for tasks mapped out so I can make sure I am as prepared as possible.

Although nothing ever goes 100% according to plan – which is also accounted for!

4 – How to constantly pivot and take on feedback

Since starting with RSM, I’ve learnt how important it is to be able to listen to feedback and quickly adapt my social media skills, graphic design, copywriting, and all other diverse things I do within my role.

I love being challenged every day and constantly bettering myself, as it means that overall, I am progressing in my career. There is so much to learn, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop!

5 – To be creative and always keep my eyes open for inspiration

The fifth key take away I wanted to share is to be more intentional with my own personal media consumption, as there is often a direct correlation to our clients’ consumers.

One of my favourite things about marketing is that no two jobs, days or campaigns are the same.

I love that RSM is so innovative and open to new ideas as it keeps everything for our team and our clients both fresh and fun.

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